Helicopters-Commercial Use (Bell, Eurocopter, UH, MD, etc)

Lease/purchase financing available for special use (fire-fighting, air ambulance, aerial application, sight-seeing, etc)

Military surplus (Sikorsky, Bell, etc) are typically used for these operations. We are one of the very few lenders who understand the value of these aircraft.
Required documentation:

  • 3 years business (Federal only)
  • 3 years financial statements (income/expense, balance sheets)
  • Current interim financial statements (year to date)
  • spec sheet on aircraft

Pleasure Use Helicopters (Robinson, Enstrom, Schweizer)

  • Newer Robinson (more than half the core life remains)
  • Personal or Business use
  • Interest rate starting at 4.24%
  • Up to 20 year amortization
  • Credit Score-Minimum 660 FICO
  • Debt to income ratio 50% maximum
  • Just a 15% down payment required
  • ACH payments required
  • We work with dealers and brokers